Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bill Finger credited in Batman-related comics, week 4

Week 1 of the corrected credit—three titles.

Week 2—six titles (not counting weekly print series where the credit had already appeared; I am noting only the first appearance of the credit in a series).

Week 3—two titles (one is the big ticket item).

Week 4—four titles (one is the other big ticket item):

Batman #46

Catwoman #46

Batman/Superman #26

Batman Beyond #6

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Comicbookrehab said...

If it weren't for the variant covers with the Looney Tunes covers, I would've passed on these issues - the storylines read like boilerplate correspondence to me. The REAL big ticket is seeing Bill's name on those movies, now, especially since Ben Affleck's Batman is being groomed to cultivate their film franchises the way Marvel Studios employs Robert Downey Jr.