Friday, March 21, 2008

book promotion story 1: "Beauty and the Book"

I watch four TV shows regularly. Based on what I've blogged about so far, two of those shows are easy to guessSmallville and Heroes. One of the other two seems like a show I should be ashamed to like, but I can admit with only a little hesitation that I think Beauty and the Geek is genuine fun.

As Jerry Siegel's now-elderly cousin said, Jerry was a nerd before the word was coined. He and Joe were nerd pioneers. They were pionerds! If not for them, one of the Three Pillars of Nerddom (comic books, video games, Star Trek) might not even exist...

Now there is a difference between a geek and a nerd. It says so on page 30 of this book, and if it is not available at your Barnes & Noble, please demand that they reprint it:

So even though the show is not called Beauty and the Nerd, I contacted its production company this week to introduce Boys of Steel and ask if they ever give gifts to their cast, crew, or anyone else TV shows give swag to. The producer wrote back, "We do and I would love to include your book. I can also send to all contestants as well." I wrote that most of the geeks would probably love it, and some of the beauties might, too—after all, Superman is a hunk in a tight costume.

Note that he did not write "We would love to buy your book." He explained that most companies give them such things for free. I wrote that if that would guarantee on-air exposure, I would ask my editor, but he told me it would not. I wasn't even looking for product placement, just a creative sale.

If I'm going to give away books, it would have to be to a needier entity than at TV show, even one I am only a little embarrassed to admit I watch obsessively.

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