Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"A very welcome read"

Please come back tomorrow for the continuation of the massive "Super '70s and '80s" series, running most days between now and 10/12/11! And for today, a post of "regularly scheduled content":

It's been a long time since I've announced a new review of Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman (which came out in 2008).

As such, I was pleasantly surprised last week to find one in a Google Alert, even more so when I saw that it is a particularly thoughtful and observant one, written by J. Caleb Mozzocco at the wonderfully named Every Day is Like Wednesday.

Mozzocco writes that the way I structured book is a "smart strategy." (More on this in a moment.) He calls the afterword "a nice, thorough summary." And he calls attention to a "rather remarkable four-page" sequence that relays Siegel and Shuster's 24-hour period of unfettered creation.

I enjoyed Mozzocco's astute observations about fair use of Superman and, in particular, about the fact that I ended this oft-told tragedy on a positive note, which is a courtesy the Boys of Steel so rarely get. Amid all the chatter about bad business decisions and big lawsuits, people forget that Siegel and Shuster also experienced moments of victory and stratospheric joy. Emphasizing that does not diminish the hardships; it only makes their struggle to overcome them all the more compelling.

Thanks, EDILW!

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