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Super ‘70s and ‘80s: “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!”—Heather Kenney (North) (Daphne 2, beginning in season 2, 1970)

What were you doing professionally before you were cast as Daphne?

I had worked since I was 11 years old in everything from TV episodes to theatre and musicals. At the time, I was a recurring character on Days of Our Lives.

What were you told and/or shown about the show before auditioning? Did you know what Daphne would look like?

I wasn’t the first Daphne, but their original left to get married. When they went to recast, I ended up going to the audition because of my roommate Nicole [Jaffe] (see answer two questions down).

How old were you in 1970, which was, I believe, the year you started on Scooby?

I was going on 20.

Did you know any of the other voice actors on the show beforehand?

I went on the audition with Nicole Jaffe, my roommate at the time, who ended up becoming Velma.

How would you describe Daphne?

She was a pretty and sincere girl who had a penchant for being “danger prone”!

Did you like the show?

I did.

Do you have a favorite episode?

I most liked the episodes with guest stars: Batman, the Globetrotters, Jonathan Winters, Dick Van Dyke, Phyllis Diller, etc.

Any funny anecdotes about working on the show that you’ve told to friends over the years?

Most of us would use our breaks to get coffee or use the bathroom. Not Casey Kasem! He was always on the phone arranging a deal. We all loved him!

Did the voice actors ever joke about the show and the characters—i.e. if Fred and Daphne were a secret item, if there was drug innuendo like so many people speculate, etc.?

No, it never even occurred to us!

Did you do any appearances for Scooby-Doo at the time?


Did you receive any fan letters while you were on the show?

A few.

What did you do after you left the show?

I had already become a wife and mother, and I focused on that.

What are you doing these days professionally?

I am retired.

What do you like to do when not working?

I participate in my church’s women’s and community service programs and continue to take good care of my family.

Do you have children?

One son, Kevin. [NOTE: Special thanks to Kevin, through whom I arranged this interview.]

What did he think growing up with a mom who played an iconic character?

For my son and grandchildren, it has always been a nice “claim to fame” because the show maintained its popularity for so long.

Any funny stories about your kids’ friends when they learned your Daphne connection?

There is one pair of little boys from our family who always referred to me as “Gramma Scooby-Doo” growing up.

Do you ever rewatch your Scooby-Doo episodes? If so, how do you think they hold up?

I don’t, but they clearly have stood the test of time!

Did you stay in touch with any of the other Scooby-Doo voice actors after you left the show? Are you in touch with any still?

Not really, though I did attend Casey Kasem’s star induction on the Hollywood Walk of Fame many years afterward.

How similar to your everyday voice was your Daphne voice?

Fairly similar, but I added energy and a little higher pitch.

Have you ever been recognized on the street by voice as Daphne?


Have you ever been interviewed about your Scooby-Doo work before, and if so, when/where? Do you remember the earliest instance?

Yes, for both DVD releases and other interviews.

screen shot from bonus material on
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!: The Complete Series DVD

Do you own any Scooby-Doo memorabilia (dolls, books, DVDs, etc.)?

Quite a bit…certain action figures and original drawings, things of that nature.

Do you have any of your original Scooby-Doo paperwork—scripts, your contract, letters from Hanna-Barbera, birthday cards from the cast, fan letters (from the 1970s), etc.?

I do, including the “Scooby-Doo Bible” (the handout which explains the characters, plotline, etc.).

Do you have a continuing relationship with Warner Bros. re: Scooby-Doo? For example, have you been invited to the live action movie premieres, etc.?


Do you still receive residuals for Daphne?


Would you be open to appearing at a pop culture convention to meet fans and sign autographs? (Have you already done that?)

Nope [to both].

How do you look back at your time on Scooby-Doo?

Very fondly.

Did you have any sense at the time that this show would have such staying power?

Certainly not!

Addendum: Heather died on 11/29/17.

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