Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Pop culture interview grab bag

This blog has run an eclectic range of interviews; the subjects relate to film, TV, music, literature, animation, and other aspects of pop culture. I will continually add to this list.







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Unknown said...


I'm Italian,sorry for my BAD English.

I also sent you a request on LinkedIn.

I'm writing a book on the cult B-movies.

I'd be happy to interview the former model Tania Harcourt-Cooze (Tania Coleridge) on his thriller film The Rain Killer (1990), but I really don't know how to reach her.

I couldn't find an email address of her, nor a social network aacount.

Googling her name I found your interview with her (July 2014) on your blog Noblemania. She appeared in the George Michael's video of "Father Figure".

Are you still in touch with her ?

Could you forward my request to her ?

A brief email-interview (email is the best for me) on The Rain Killer. She starred in that film while she was living in Los Angeles. It was produced by the B-movies king Roger Corman.

A preliminary overview of the questions: how she became involved with The Rain Killer; her recollections of the shot and the other actors; how was working with the director Ken Stein.

Basically, I'm writing this book without a budget, but I'll be happy to send Ms.Harcourt-Cooze a copy when it will be published. It will be the least I can do to reciprocate with her courtesy.

I already have an interview with Ray Cunneff who wrote The Rain Killer.

Plus, I'm trying to reach some of the other main actors.

If Ms.Harcourt-Cooze is interested to partecipate, she can reach me at my email address:

Of course you can delete my comment :)

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

Best regards,
Francesco Borseti (Rieti, Italy)