Sunday, October 18, 2015

“Boys” and “Boy Wonder” “equally riveting”

Gathering Books gathered a series of kind words for Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman:

  • “equally riveting” (compared to Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman)
  • “The very extensive Author’s Note is a study in first-class sleuthing, dedicated investigation, and single-minded relentlessness in pursuing every lead he could find to look for Bill Finger’s surviving heir. Not only is this a tribute to a brilliant man’s legacy, it also honors his memory by potentially changing the life of his granddaughter whom very few people knew even existed. Truly an amazing work of investigative and comic art. Find it and add this to your library.”

I also especially appreciated this:

“Bill struck me as a man who would rather concern himself with creating and writing—his head [so] bursting with brilliant ideas that perhaps it was just way too much effort for him to stand up to Bob Kane and claim what is rightfully his.”

Thank you, GB, for lending your voice to the effort to preserve the legacy of Bill Finger.

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