Thursday, May 19, 2011

A new way to buy "Vanished"

Previously on "How to Order Vanished"...

My Scholastic Book Club book was for sale
only via the Scholastic Book Club (order forms in schools) or by calling Scholastic and paying with a credit card.

I just learned that the book is now also available for purchase on the Scholastic site. (Searching Vanished on the home page brings you to the Teacher Store.)

So what?
, I hear you think. Any book can be bought online, I hear you think.

Not so, my friend, though before
Vanished, I, too, thought that.

What does this change for organizers who so kindly wish to sell this particular book at events where I am appearing/speaking?

Schools/educators with a Scholastic account: You can now order the book on the Scholastic site and without a credit card.

Non-schools: You can also order the book on the Scholastic site, but first must register, and you must still pay with a credit card.

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