Sunday, October 2, 2016

"Inspired me not only as a student but as a writer"

Humbling feedback and other straight talk from the middle school students of Westfield Community School in Illinois after my presentation there:

  • You digging in deeper and being so interested made me want to be an author and have an imagination. It was incredible how much you cared about what you were doing. Most people in my classes hate books but it's just amazing when you see someone care about it. It seems worth trying and caring as well.
  • I can't believe you changed the copyright on all the Batman books and met Bill Finger's family! I hope I will change the world as much as you did. :)
  • Your presentation was the most greatest presentation I have ever seen. It was super cool how you were determined to get Bill Finger's name as the real creator of Batman and also you never stopped when people were afraid to talk. You were brave and bold.
  • Marc, you were the best author ever to come in and talk about the books. When I walked out of the gym, I was really sad that it was over. I wanted the presentation to go on and on and on. I hope you liked the trumpet performance because the one in the middle was my brother. I hope to see you again!
  • Thanks for being so nice. Please come again and tell us more.
  • I loved your visit. I am a big superhero fan myself. I found your research incredible. I love how you never gave up. It really inspired me not only as a student, but as a writer.
  • I liked your presentation, but I wish Bob Kane would have been there to respond.
  • You are DaBomb dot com in real life.
  • Great job. It was the best and the most exciting assembly we have had.
  • You have inspired so many kids about how you had a dream and it came true because of hard work and research.
  • I hope that you have inspired other people besides me to research more. You also inspired me to fight for what I believe in even if it is hard. When I grow up I want to do something amazing like you did for the designer of Batman.
  • I think what you do is very interesting because I would not have the time to do all that research!
  • Well, you did it again, Marc. Just want to say thank you for coming to Westfield Community School.
  • He was very funny and sounds cool! He was loud which made me excited because he actually wasn't boring like a lot of people.
  • I enjoyed listening about your books. The reason I wouldn't want to purchase your books is because I don't need to! My brother has a ton of your books so I can just read them whenever I want.
  • You opened up everybody's mind to trying new things and getting creative. I bet so many of the kids you talked to thought they couldn't do something just because they're a kid. Thank you again for being so kind and such an inspiration!
  • It was very interesting and I went home and started making comic strips but the jokes in them are mostly inside jokes.
  • I love the way that you used research for your books. I would definitely want to read your books, maybe somewhere near the future.
  • I thought your presentation was quite lovely. I really enjoyed your visit. You are very welcome to come again.

Thank you all. I very well might!

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