Monday, July 14, 2008

Joe Shuster draws...Batman

Though I've been immersed in Superman and Batman research for four years, a somewhat obvious question had not occurred to me: did Joe Shuster, Superman's co-creator and original artist, ever draw Batman?

Today, a gentleman who interviewed me recently for both and a Connecticut radio show called Fairfield County Business Showcase sent me this:

(In other words, yes.)


Dave said...

Wait a minnit! This picture was published in the most recent Alter Ego magazine, which I just picked up last week! The "George" being referred to is George Roussos. I thought this was common knowledge by now?

Marc Tyler Nobleman said...

Indeed it was, Dave. A friend e-mailed me the image and I posted it BEFORE I knew it was going to be in ALTER EGO. In fact, I told ALTER EGO editor Roy Thomas about it that same day and he did tell me it was going to run.

clintonics said...

Joe also drew a "Bat-Man" for More Fun Comics #28 and it was published almost a year and a half before Detective #27.