Monday, July 28, 2008

" and most accurate print"

Brad Ricca, whose Superman documentary Last Son debuted this past weekend, posted very nice words about Boys of Steel on his blog. (I was unable to attend the movie premiere but have heard only raves and look forward to watching it this fall.)

5/18/11 update: Brad's wonderful blog appears to be deactivated, so here is his kind review in full:

All Ages Means Everybody Gets It

I’ve been waiting for the right time to plug Marc Tyler Nobleman’s new book, i.e., when people actually came here (slight glare). But no worries, and now is the time as it has just come out: it is an illustrated, non-fiction book about Joe and Jerry that a) is not only the only book of its kind on the creators, but is also b) the best and most accurate depiction of their lives in print. Yes, I used a period there. Marc is a tireless researcher who has opened up MANY a dead-end others (me included) had abandoned. And the illustrations are really amazing. So go buy his book at the store or order it here. It is definitely for all ages—if you like Superman, want to learn more about his creators, or just want to pass the story on to the next generation OH JUST BUY IT. It’s the same as three gallons of gas and makes a great gift.

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